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Nuits Saint Georges

The commune of Nuits-Saint-Georges is around halfway between Beaune and Dijon. It is the largest town in Côte de Nuits. Nuits-Saint-Georges has no grand crus but there are 37 premier crus in total, spanning across 5km along the route RN74. The wines of Nuits-Saint-Georges often have a gamey, meaty and slightly rustic touch. They also carry much depth, richness and structure, but not the flair and greatness of grand crus.

The vineyards can be roughly categorized into 3 different parts based on their geographical locations. On the Vosne Romanée side, wines often carry a touch of finesse from Vosne. Premier Cru Aux Boudots is virtually next to the Vosne Romanée Aux Malconsorts and is considered as a little brother. Aux Murgers, Les Damodes and Aux Cras can also produce interesting wines with a touch of Vosne.

Towards the south of the town, Premier Cru Les Saint-Georges, Les Cailles, Les Vaucrains, Les Pruliers and Les Roncières are benchmark examples of wines from Nuits-Saint-Georges. Some consider Les Saint-Georges a climat that could be potentially be upgraded to grand cru status. Henri Gouges, Robert Chevillon and Jean Grivot are reliable sources of this section.

Further down south, near Prémeaux, monopole Premier Cru Clos d’Arlot and Clos de la Maréchale stand out. Since JF Mugnier took back the ownership of in 2004, the quality of Clos de la Maréchale has been improving steadily and there is a white wine produced here too.

In Nuits-Saint-Georges you can also find a very special white wine. Henri Gouges planted some mutated white grapes from Pinot Noir, which is nicknamed "Pinot Gouges", in Premier Cru Les Perrieres. It's very different when compared to Chardonnay. Henri Gouges produces on average 3 casks per year only. A must-try for all Burgundy lovers.

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