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Le Musigny is usually referred to the “Queen” of Burgundy and is considered as one of the greatest grand crus in Côte d’Or. It is divided into 3 sections: Grand Musigny in the north and Les Petits Musigny in the south. Les Petits Musigny is solely owned by Comte Georges de Vogüé, while JF Mugnier, Drouhin, Leroy, Georges Roumier are also notable producers. There is also a small part of La Combe d’Orveau that is entitled to Le Musigny grand cru and it is owned by Jacques Prieur.

At its best, Musigny is delicate, perfumed, feminine and carries unbearable lightness. Yet it also comes with balanced and harmonious intensity.

It is also the only grand cru with the exception of Corton that can also produce white wines. Comte Georges de Vogüé planted a small parcel of Chardonnay to make around 6 casks of white wines. The vines are rather young now and the white is sold as Bourgogne Blanc.



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